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    This is brilliant! Thanks so much for this service. I rarely get honest feedback from anyone on my work, especially not from clients. This goes a long way to help craft my voice as a filmmaker. I had similar instincts about my work, and it helps to see my opinion validated by people in the industry.


    DIRECTOR Nathan Firn

    I've never heard of a film festival that gives industry feedback, this is really cool.

    DIRECTOR Sufian Abulohom​

    I have just made my first branded film and unfortunately can't send the movie to commercial competitions because they are very expensive. But you have an affordable entry fee and a lot of opportunities! Thank you!

    DIRECTOR Vladimir Faraday

    Thanks, this is brilliant feedback. Great to get an honest and detached view of the work.

    Totally worth the fee.

    DIRECTOR Tom Wakeling

    it’s very useful for young unexperienced filmmakers like myself. It honestly feels good to just get “directions” from industry people, even a single sentence can tell you “ok you’re doing this right but what about trying something else?

    DIRECTOR Giovanni Bolzani

    Great to have the feedback. It can be really hard to get honest constructive criticism from people you know or work with sometimes

    DIRECTOR Rhory Danniells

    it’s definitely useful, it’s almost impossible to progress without some honest feedback, especially if it’s from people within the industry. I’m glad I entered and yes the fee is definitely worthwhile!

    DIRECTOR Lukas Schrank

    I agree with most of the thoughts. It's always good to have opinions on your work, especially with candor!

    DIRECTOR Andy Sowerby

    It's rare to get feedback at all on any submission. Even getting good feedback from friends/colleagues is hard since everyone is so busy & people mince their words. So the anonymity in particular makes a big difference.

    DIRECTOR Alexander Darby​

    This feedback is definitely worth the entry fee, as we're able to act on the feedback before completing our video.

    DIRECTOR Rob Brown

    It is priceless to hear unbiased criticism.

    DIRECTOR Rodrigo Llauro ​

    Great to get anonymous feedback to gauge the response and impression of your work from industry professionals.

    Also helpful to get focused points of constructive criticism

    DIRECTOR Sean Clancy ​

  • Enter videos

    Glory for some, feedback for all!

    Why enter?

    The networking:

    • Shortlisted directors are invited to the awards event, to meet leading production companies, reps, agencies, marketers, press & commissioners.
    • Shortlisted directors are promoted to all members ahead of the event.

    The trophies:

    • Best directors and their commissioners win a hand-lettered, unique & lovely Shiny Award, presented at the event.
    The promotion:
    • The event has great media partners & relationships across industry media.

    The feedback:

    • Every entry is rated and critiqued by 5 longlist judges working professionally in the industry. This feedback is shared anonymously with the video's entrant.  We're the ONLY festival or awards event to do this!
    Shiny Awards unsigned & signed directors entry form

    Entries are now closed


    • Any videos under 5 minutes long are accepted - eg music videos, shorts, commercials.
    • Judging criteria are 'engagement', 'originality of concept' and 'appropriate technical skills'.
    • Videos must have been delivered to the client or published online within the 12 months prior to the event. It's fine to submit unpublished, password-protected videos.
    • Directors must be unsigned/freelance or recently signed/employed within the 12 months prior to the event. If the director is on a second or subsequent signing / employment, then the number of videos on their resume is taken into account. Around 10 commissions or more means the director is not eligible as 'recently signed'.
    • Anyone can enter videos on behalf of the director. If, at the shortlist stage, it's found the director isn't eligible then the entry fee can be refunded.
    • Full details in terms & conditions
  • Categories

    Best unsigned director's video

    - commissioner of video

    Best newly signed director's video

    - commissioner of video

    Best director's video, Diversity award

    - commissioner of video

    Live audience award

    - commissioner of video

    Deadlines & entry fees


    Entries are now closed


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