• Summer Shiny Awards


    July 2022

    shiny awards at havas studios new directors
  • Award Judges

    Summer Shiny Awards

    Anzhela Hayeabedyan

    Anzhela loves to encourage new talent to shine, and is bringing a Creative’s eye to the panel.

    Carol Cooper

    This is a return match for Carol, who’s judged for Shiny before. She brings huge experience as a long time journalist for massive industry bible, Shots

    Jess Journo

    As EP, Jess is always on the lookout for new director talent and has a keen eye for new talent

  • “...The work was impressive, we saw a lot of great talent and the shortlist was a pleasure to judge. We were super happy to host the awards and take the opportunity to connect with so many people across the industry…”

    Jess Journo, Producer/ Director Flare/AMVBBDO


    Press coverage

    Julia Kupiec

    Renee Zhan​ WINNER

    London, UK

    'Soft Animals'


    Imogen Harrison

    Imogen Harrison WINNER

    London, UK

    'Could You?'


    Alex Dunning

    Alex Dunning​ WINNER

    London, UK

    'This Girl Can'

    Jessica Batson

    Jessica Batson​ WINNER


    'La Folie'


    Diana Olifirova

    Diana Olifirova WINNER




    Rosie May Bird Smith

    Rosie May Bird Smith AUDIENCE CHOICE


    'Herd Immunity'


  • Spring Shiny Awards

    @HogarthWW, London

    March 2022

    shiny awards at havas studios new directors
  • Award Judges:

    • Nowness, commissioning editor, Shelley Jones

    • TikTok, executive creative director, UK & Europe, Tom Skinner

    • The Walt Disney Company, head of production & operations for CPGP Creative, Kiri Hammond

    • Hogarth WW, senior creative film Editor, Michael Owusu

    • Ogilvy London, head of moving image, James Brook Partridge

    • Ogilvy London, global creative director, Regan Warner


  • Julia Kupiec

    Julia Kupiec​ WINNER

    New York, USA



    Lee Peterkin Glance

    Lee Peterkin WINNER

    Los Angeles, USA



    Leah Vlemmiks

    Leah Vlemmiks​ WINNER

    Toronto, Canada

    'Tesfay' Witch Prophet


    Rob Sanderson

    Rob Sanderson​ WINNER

    London, UK

    'No More Empty Chairs' Football Beyond Borders


    Ryan Burnham and Luke Robson

    Ryan Burnham & Luke Robson WINNER

    London, UK

    'Graffiti Gun'

  • Winter Shiny Awards

    @VCCP/ Girl&Bear, London

    December 2021

    shiny awards at havas studios new directors
  • Shiny Awards December 2021


    Arthur Studholme

    Arthur Studholme​ SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    All For You

    Angelo Cerisara

    Angelo Cerisara WINNER

    Brussels, Belgium

    Missed You Stranger


    Blackboxcolour​ SHORTLIST

    London, UK




    New York, US

    Chronicles of Time


    Ella Ezeike

    Ella Ezeike WINNER

    London, UK



    India Rose Harris

    India Rose Harris SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    Move Your Way


    Jessica Bishopp

    Jessica Bishopp​ SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    Who I Save For


    Ken Ezra

    Ken Ezra WINNER

    London, UK

    Always The Joker


    Kevin Morosky

    Kevin Morosky SHORTLIST

    London, UK



    Milo Blake

    Milo Blake​ SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    Child in Red

    Paulina Ziółkowska

    Paulina Ziółkowska​ SHORTLIST

    Berlin, Germany

    Bless You


    Regina Sepp

    Regina Sepp SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    The Ministry



    Silence SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    New Wings


    Stanley Brock

    Stanley Brock SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    Describe My Life

    Tamara Barton-Campbell

    Tamara Barton-Campbell  SHORTLIST



    Taylor Morgan

    Taylor Morgan SHORTLIST

    Austin, Texas

    Nowhere Else

    Thibaut Buccellato

    Thibaut Buccellato WINNER

    Paris, France


    W.A.M. Bleakley

    W.A.M. Bleakley WINNER

    Sydney, Australia


  • October Shiny Awards

    @Atomic London


  • Shiny Awards October 2021


    Alex Dunning 

    Alex Dunning WINNER

    London, UK

    branded content

    Alexander Kühn

    Alexander Kühn WINNER

    Stuttgart, Germany

    branded content

    Cassandra Brooksbank

    Cassandra Brooksbank SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    branded content


    Dimitris Armenakis

    Dimitris Armenakis WINNER

    Athens, Greece


    Emily Evans

    Emily Evans SHORTLIST

    London, UK



    Jonny White​ 

    Jonny White​ SHORTLIST

    Leeds, UK



    Kate Cox​ 

    Kate Cox WINNER

    London, UK

    branded content


    Luke Brookner

    Luke Brookner WINNER

    London, UK

    branded content

    Lydia Garnett

    Lydia Garnett SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    music video


    Mar Del Corral

    Mar Del Corral WINNER

    London, UK

    branded content


    Marcus Forde and Vivian Vince

    Marcus Forde and Vivian Vince SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    music video


    Meena Ayittey

    Meena Ayittey SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    branded content


    Rob Brown

    Rob Brown SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    music video


    Zoë Neary 

    Zoë Neary WINNER

    Vancouver, Canada

    branded content


  • September Shiny Awards

    @Havas Studios, London

    shiny awards at havas studios new directors
  • winners

    Anna Dobos & Susie Peng 'I Thank My Mother For My Hair' self-commissioned new freelance London Under-represented voice

    Sebastian Whyte 'Note to Self' for Rambert Dance Company new freelance London Under-represented voice
    Devon Ferguson 'Monster Jobs' Competition new freelance Vancouver
    Sinan Sevinç 'Innocence Project' student at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Germany
    Logan Hendricks 'Champs Sports' for adidas new freelance Los Angeles
    see coverage on

  • Shiny Awards September 2021


    Adam Chitayat

    Adam Chitayat SHORTLIST

    New York USA

    music video

    Anna Dobos and Susie Peng

    Anna Dobos and Susie Peng WINNERS

    London UK

    drama and documentary


    Devon Ferguson

    Devon Ferguson WINNER

    Vancouver Canada

    branded content

    Hannah Bon

    Hannah Bon SHORTLIST

    Los Angeles USA

    branded content


    Johnny White

    Johnny White SHORTLIST

    Leeds UK



    Jon Cheung

    Jon Cheung SHORTLIST

    London UK

    drama/ doc/ dance


    Jonathan Edwards

    Jonathan Edwards SHORTLIST

    Chester, UK 

    branded content


    Lauzza SHORTLIST

    London, UK

    music video

    Logan Hendricks

    Logan Hendricks WINNER

    Kansas City, USA

    branded content

    Lucy Knox

    Lucy Knox SHORTLIST

    Sydney, Australia

    drama/ doc/ dance


    Milda Baginskaite

    Milda Baginskaite SHORTLIST

    Manchester, UK

    branded content


    Murphee Thompson

    Murphee Thompson SHORTLIST

    London UK



    Natsuki Robertson

    Natsuki Robertson SHORTLIST

    Tokyo Japan

    drama/ doc/ dance


    Rob Brown

    Rob Brown SHORTLIST

    London UK

    music video


    Schall & Schnabel

    Schall & Schnabel​ SHORTLIST

    Berlin Germany

    music video


    Sebastian Whyte

    Sebastian Whyte WINNER

    London UK

    drama and documentary 


    Simon Alveranga

    Simon Alveranga SHORTLIST

    London UK 


    Sinan Sevinç

    Sinan Sevinç WINNER

    Berlin Germany

    charity content


    Somayeh SHORTLIST

    London UK

    branded content


    Toby Auberg

    Toby Auberg SHORTLIST

    London UK


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